How to select best SEO Company for your business in Singapore

With the whole world jumping on to the digital marketing bandwagon, it is getting increasingly important to find a top SEO company in Singapore to implement effective methods, for your website to rank higher on search engines like Google. Before we understand the methods involved let us first be clear about the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?
SEO is a process or technique of using a number of methods to optimize your website by top SEO companies in Singapore, so that, your website ranks higher organically on Search Engines. Therefore, top SEO companies in Singapore will use SEO techniques for both off page and on page SEO to rank your website higher.
It is important to find a competitive SEO service provider for your website. Right? How do you do it? Let us keep the following points in mind to do so.
Check the company portfolio
Firstly it is wise to choose a company which has a strong portfolio and a long list of clients. Remember, experience makes all the difference. An experienced team will be better equipped to implement the best methods to optimize your website and will also be able to handle different projects.
Scrutinize the company ranking
Charity begins at home. Right? What better way to now the company you are choosing as a SEO service provider than to check their own rankings. A simple search in Google would answer your queries.
Ask questions
As a customer you are entitled to know all the plans of the top SEO Company in Singapore. A concrete plan, time schedule and targets to be achieved must be outlined at the outset. You are looking for the best seo marketing Company in Singapore, aren’t you? So, investigate and collect data on who will be handling your project.
Look for transparency
A  best seo marketing Company in Singapore will provide transparent services either they will explain the techniques that they use to rank your website higher on search engines and also be very clear about the time involved in doing so.
SEO strategies
A top SEO Company will stick to Google best practices, so that, your website is never penalized or banned on Google. In simple terms search engines do not like hidden links or text or spammy contents.
Regular updates
A SEO company will keep you posted on changes made and give regular reports on improvements made on the website. They will be open to discussion on tactics used or to be implemented.
Use of Google Analytics
A SEO Company in Singapore should have the expertise to use Google Analytics which would help you to monitor the performance of the website and its ranking. It will also help in tracking the keywords used by other companies in the related field and used by searchers. It is better to stay away from companies who do not use Google analytics.
The costs involved
There are two ways to rank your page higher in Search Engines-1. Paid advertising and 2. Organic search.

SEO Services Pricing in Singapore is dependent on performance based SEO either results achieved. Generally SEO Services Pricing is based on per keyword ranking. Normally it maybe $500 for ten keywords. Many top companies in Singapore take a cut on the increased revenue of the business. Sometimes SEO companies settle for a monthly retainer fee, say for a month of services.
Consulting on hourly basis is also another way to pay the SEO service provider if you are on a limited budget.

It is better to understand that no Top SEO Company in Singapore will promise instant results as SEO is an ongoing process and long term strategy.


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