Back Link Building SEO Strategies

What is Backlinking?

A few years back, the list of best SEO services offered by a Singapore based agency hired by my friend had backlinking on the topmost rung of the pricing and ranking staircase. Talking about today, the scenario hasn’t changed much except in terms of a neck-deep competition online. Backlinking is a strategy by which people running websites with similar contents share audiences via links.
It can be a one-way practice too. Tracking of ranking algorithms being used by top search engines has assured that backlinking is amongst the most popular ranking criterion and hence an important one amongst the SEO services offered by companies in Singapore and abroad.

What are some popular backlinking strategies to work upon in Search Engine Optimization?

Find relatable websites:

The first and foremost part of building backlinking is to find blogs which are posting on similar subjects. This step is important as bloggers in the same business are likely to share audiences better. One can even look out for business websites which can boost the prospects of your services.
For example, a website running tutorials for advanced courses on web designing can definitely refer the visitors to checkout a website running preliminary design tutorials. This overall effort may bring down the SEO services pricing list showcased by many service companies.

Run deep self-surveys on your audiences:

Do you ever wonder about the factors which differentiate between the best SEO services offering agency pricing and the price tags put up by experienced personal standalone SEO experts? One obvious factor is of course, the money. Hiring a personal SEO expert is sure to loosen up your wallets more on a regular basis but studying the second factor can help you make up a wiser choice.
This second factor is the survey time spent. A committed, personal SEO expert can provide better insights on instantaneous traffic and trends in your reader base. This will help you generate and earn more valuable links.

How to reach out?

Once you have done your homework on readers and prospective link-builders, the next step is to learn how to approach each of them. When it comes to readers, the best approach is via the content. Contacting link-builders can be a tricky thing to handle but following some tips can make this gruesome task easy.
·        Always try to approach via personal emails or social media accounts.
·        Don’t ask for link-building directly.
·        Write a short and sweet message or email.
·        Be ready to return the favor in one way or other.

Link positioning and Anchor text:

This is some basic mathematics but links placed in the main body of the website content are more perceptible in gaining attention. Along with this, the anchor text used to create the backlink is important. This text must be meaningful and relatable. Not just the main anchor text but also the text following and preceding this text needs to match up the link leading to the landing pages. These are important ranking criterions and must be paid attention to.

Visual Assets:

Creating backlinks via images and infographic details is much easier than via texts. These visual assets are therefore more susceptible to earn more backlinks for your website. Charts and plots showcasing statistical data can form the centerpiece of many articles online. These are reusable and easier to attract viewers. These are enough reasons to justify a rising demand for visual assets creation SEO services in Singapore and abroad.
The above mentioned back linking strategies are some powerful techniques to make your SEO agency standout in a competitive Singapore SEO market. These should be enough to give a head start to that dream SEOagency you always wanted to establish in Singapore.


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