Important SEO tips to follow to get a good Page Ranking

Good Vs Bad SEO Practices:

Search engine optimization is a very popular and trending term in the online internet market. As easy as it may seem, SEO is a very tricky technique to be implemented. This is because search engine keeps an eye on the good and bad SEO practices. Violation of keywords usage policies or a dirty page linking hierarchy can significantly reduce your ranking initially itself. Hence, the biggest tip to learn is to never use SEO casually and always spend some time in searching for an experience, ideal SEO agency in Singapore or abroad for a good ranking.

Top Tips for any SEO company or an independent website owner:

Due to the enormous demand for improvement in website rankings, SEO services pricing has gone up significantly. This has been a result of broadening of factors resulting in search engine rankings.  Following are some of the best tips to grab a good page ranking on any search engine:

Content matters:

Yes, an efficient, planned and organized content should always be a top priority. No matter how many SEO practices you master, content formation still remains the most demanding practice. Once you are done with the first draft of your content, always review it from different perspectives and evaluate the mindset of your readers before posting.

Videos are more effective than readable words:

Content is important but more often, a page full of endless lines of words discourages a visitor who is not very keen on reading a lot. So, SEO services now include video formation at nominal pricing. A major advantage is that attractive videos can be enjoyed by all the types of website visitors and graphics create a long-lasting impression than words.

Choose your URL wisely:

Make your URL short and sweet. It should be different yet catchy. It is often advisable to keep an URL with which your audience can connect the content or services you promote on your website.

Is your website responsive?

Scalable websites are extremely important to keep up with a growing gadget industry. Your website should look great on all the platforms including mobile, desktop, tabs and smart television. An SEO company which extends web designing support can help you in making a responsive website.

Work on keywords:

An experienced SEO expert working in any SEO agency based in Singapore or abroad gives the maximum time of optimization efforts in searching keywords. These can significantly increase your webpage rankings.

Learn the art of linking your web pages:

A well-connected website can be build by incorporating web links leading to successive webpages on your website.  Try to incorporate these links into the body of your content rather than in the header and footer section. Also, working on backlinks is equally important.

Keep a tab on your website’s speed:

Websites which are slow to load are often not very engaging. So, it is always a good practice to keep the speed of your website somewhere between 2-4 seconds. Speeds exceeding 6-8 seconds are generally not preferred.

Website design is the key:

An SEO company with a backend design team support will always emphasize the design of a website. It is important to allow designs which aid easy navigation, better font sizes for readability and havesuitable webpage backgrounds.

Make an interactive website:

Your reader or viewers should be able to communicate with you. Always give them a logo or a face they can relate the website with.  Enabling comment and shares will help you a great deal in expanding your viewer’s base. 


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